Annes review of Rejuvalash

Before I discovered Rejuvalash my eyelashes were always pretty blah. They were too short, too straight and just far too boring. My eyes never looked beautiful, I always looked tired and if I didn’t have any mascara on people would ask me if I was ill. Since I was a teenager I’ve tried every new mascara that came out. I’ve used fancy brushes, white undercoats and top coats, ones to add volume and lengthen. My lashes would look okay for a couple of hours then the weight of the mascara would just make them droop. I tried heated curlers (ouch!), false eyelashes and even had my lashes permed, but nothing would help for very long, it was always a short term quick fix. All I wanted was eyelashes which were thick and long, to give me a pretty, open eyed look. Even my boyfriend’s lashes were longer and lusher than mine!

Then a friend told me about Rejuvalash and I discovered the solution to my eyelash woes, it honestly changed my life. Now every morning when I wake up I look bright and alert, not exhausted like I used to. I feel like my whole face has changed, my eyes look bigger and are more of a focal point now. I always avoided wearing too much eye make up before I found Rejuvalash, as it would just weigh my lashes down and make my eyes look too small. Now I can copy the looks of my favorite celebrities and experiment with smokey eyes, cat eyes and any other technique I want. I can now achieve so many different looks and I enjoy buying eye make up, rather than it always being a hunt for the perfect product to solve my problem.

I never would have imagined that getting long, thick eyelashes would be so simple. After trying so many other products and tools, I find Rejuvalash so easy to use and it’s the only thing that has ever really worked for me on a long term basis. After the first few days I thought I could see a difference, but when other people starting noticing, then I knew it really was working. I’m telling everyone I know about Rejuvalash, because it’s such a good product that I think everyone should know about it.

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