Antonias review of Rejuvalash

I like to think that I am a presentable person. My image does matter to me, especially the image I present at work where I work as a legal assistant. However, I draw certain lines when it comes to excesses and vanity. I will, for instance, not spend money or valuable minutes in the morning applying potions that are supposed to keep me forever young. Neither will I go under the surgeon’s knife, freeze my forehead in place to look like I don’t have lines or be smothered with hot wax only for it to be mercilessly yanked off along with unwanted hair. I may not want the hair but neither do I want have it taken it out that way.

I do, however, go to great lengths when it comes to the eyes. I believe that my eyes are my best feature and I so love those on my best fried, Erica. She has these large, brown eyes that give her these sweet, innocent look. Over the years, she has perfected the art of pulling a deer caught in the lights look that will make anyone do anything for her. Her award-winning, knee-weakening eyes are complemented by a pair of thick, luscious lashes. Now those I will pursue relentlessly.

I believe my lashes are a punishment from the universe for everything I have ever or will ever do wrong. They are short, very short and very sparse.I believe that they could cause actual damage, like a deep cut if someone came close to them, myself included. Over the years, I had tried several concoctions that promised to outdo the universe and give me long, luscious eye lashes and in abundance. None delivered; my eye lashes remained short, scarce and stubby. Looking at my image was a mockery of my efforts.

My search ended with one product that did outdo the universe. Or perhaps the universe felt that more than three decades of mockery was enough? Whatever the reason, this product worked. Rejuvalash promised to stimulate the growth of my eye lashes by restoring the epidermal function. The claim was that it would improve eye lash growth raised an eyebrow (let’s not get into the scarcity of that) and in just 21 days. However, I was game for anything so with a raised eyebrow, I went on to order a trial bottle.

The offer for a free bottle of Rejuvalash came with a free bonus gift. I got a a free mini eyelash curler. That I didn’t really need because I had a drawer full of them alongside one of lash-lengthening, mascara. The raised eyebrow came down and the other one went up because of the irony of the situation. I would keep it anyway. Perhaps in 21 days, I would have my own real eyelashes to curl.

Lo and behold, it worked; Rejuvalash worked. I told myself to maintain self control in case I was only seeing what I wanted to see. However, two weeks, after I started using Rejuvalash, I stated seeing results. My eye lashes were actually growing. By the end of 21 week,s the change was noticeable. My best friend noticed and when she questioningly batted her long lashes at me, I responded with some batting of my own lengthy Rejuvalash lashes. Bliss! Rejuvalash works like a dream.

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