Dianas review of Rejuvalash

I wanted to make my thin eyelashes look longer and fuller. There is a real trend for thick eyelashes in the beauty industry today, and it’s no surprise, seeing how they make the eyes look bigger and more youthful. I actually started out trying this expensive eyelash growth serum that celebrities endorse, and that requires a doctor’s prescription.

Well, not only did this serum not work, but within a week, I developed these wide, reddish dark circles under my eyes! I went online onto some forums where people were discussing the product in question. Not only was it responsible for darkening the pigment in the skin around the eyes (hence, my odd circles), but it also causes light-colored eyes to darken! Once I saw some of the pictures a couple of users posted, I said no thank you and threw that product into the garbage.

Nevertheless, I still had not given up on my dream of fuller eyelashes. This time, I did more research, but they proved unyielding. There are many eyelash growth products on the market today, but if you actually read the results, most of them don’t work. At best, they may condition your eyelashes to be softer, but to actually provide growth? No.

It was my sister that sent me the link to Rejuvalash. I saw its description, read its ingredients list, and saw the before and after pictures. I decided Rejuvalash was worth a shot after reading some positive reviews. I became bold and ordered a full tube. When it arrived, I put it to good use right away. Having been disappointed in the past, truthfully, I wasn’t expecting too much from it. I just used Rejuvalash each night after showering, and before heading to bed.

Imagine my surprise when after about a week-and-a-half, I noticed that my eyelashes looked slightly fuller. At the very least, they weren’t coming out so much when I removed my make-up. As the days past, I admit peeking in the mirror each day to see small yet positive progress. By the time the month ended, there was no denying it now: my eyelashes had [i]definitely[/i] grown.

Rejuvalash has given my beautifully long eyelashes that are lush and full. I also saw a darkening of the lash color, but it’s really the length I am after. I love putting on mascara now and having them brush against my sunglasses (yes, that’s how long they’ve gotten!). I didn’t experience any negative side effects with Rejuvalash, and application is super easy. Rejuvalash has given me hope in a bottle. It’s definitely one of my secret “beauty weapons,” and I love it.

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