Julies review of Rejuvalash

I can’t praise Rejuvalash enough! I was really sceptical before trying Rejuvalash, as I’ve spent a fortune trying to get the look I wanted with false lashes and mascara over the past few years. I never quite managed; false eyelashes just never go on the same twice so they always look what they are – false. However, Rejuvalash is something completely different and I was stunned when it actually worked.

I thought that Rejuvalash would be kind of like mascara, which is always messy and never what you really want. At first glance the silver tube didn’t seem to promise that much, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. Now, to make things a bit clearer, my lashes were the short, skinny kind so without mascara I had the look of a frightened rabbit. No matter what I tried, nothing could really make them look the way I wanted them to. Until I tried Rejuvalash. Unlike messy mascara, Rejuvalash is a special serum that has been created by Dr. Goco, a leading cosmetologist and a lady who completely understands women’s specific cosmetic needs. I simply applied Rejuvalash each day and let it do its work.

I began to see results in about 4 days, and my eyelashes felt softer and silkier. Rejuvalash nourishes the whole lash from root to tip and encourages natural growth by strengthening. As less lashes are lost to breakage and dryness, eyelashes soon begin to look fuller and thicker. Mine certainly did, and because my eyelashes were less prone to falling out they created the right environment for luxuriant growth.

I really never thought I would see the day when I used the words ‘luxuriant growth’ to describe my eyelashes, but thanks to Rejuvalash that’s exactly correct. I’ve now finished my first vial, and after just three weeks my lashes are thick, long and black. No more mousy eyelashes for me. Thank you so much for the FREE vial, which I am now using to keep my fabulous supermodel eyelashes. I really thought I’d be trying different mascaras for the next ten years, and just couldn’t imagine results like this. A little flick of the wand each morning is all that I’ve had to do. Rejuvalash has done the rest, and transformed by whole face for the better as a result. Family and friends keep telling me how great I look, and even strangers compliment me on my ‘beautiful eyes’ – thank you Rejuvalash!

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