Sinas review of Rejuvalash

I have always been satisfied with my look and I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup. I don’t even own foundation or concealer! However, when I do get dolled up I wear mascara and plenty of eyeshadow. As I stated before I usually go for a more natural look, so I was doing some research online for alternatives to mascara (which after a night out leaves dark circles under my eyes). I want to eventually stop using mascara altogether and just let my lashes speak for themselves. In my research I stumbled upon Rejuvalash eye serum, which I had never heard of before and after comparing it to other similar products decided to give it a try.

Usually I don’t have the time or patience to write reviews, but since I was impressed with this product I thought I owed it to it! I use Rejuvalash once a day first thing in the morning and have seen amazing results. I suppose if you used it twice a day one could see results twice as fast, but I’m not sure. What I do know is that my average dark brown lashes are now voluminous and full and I am sure that they will stay that way even if I stop using the product. Whatever vitamins and magic ingredients are in Rejuvalash, they helped to build and grow stronger lashes. It is as if my lashes changed their structure and foundation. I’ve used the product for elongating and separating my top and bottom lashes and even used the gel on my eyebrows because I have thin eyebrows. Actually, in general I have thin hair and have always struggled to grow long hair to my shoulders. I wish they made something like this for that problem!

I can’t stress enough how Rejuvalash has helped me. My eyebrows are now more full (but nowhere near bushy) and so many people have asked me if I am wearing fake lashes. I take this as a weird compliment because it could be offensive, but on the other hand my eyelashes look that thick and long that it seems almost too good to be true. It is really fast and easy to use – just unscrew and apply with the brush applicator. What I also really love about Rejuvalash is that it was created by a woman for women! In life you typically get what you pay for and instead of spending my money on clumpy mascara or fake lashes I find that this product has been a really good investment and I plan to keep using it not so much for developing my lashes (it already did that), but more for maintenance and upkeep. So far I have been able to reduce the amount of makeup I wear and still look fabulous.

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